Free gprs in aircel

In 2008 aircel introduced its first GPRS as Aircel thrills. They provided this service for downloading charges not able to view another sites (only aircel site). After that they have introduced aircel online in 2009. During that time one day unlimited plan for 18 rs.

During that time i used to follow a method to hack aircel. That trick worked for me and i browsed aircel internet for unlimited number of days.

Then i purchased new SIM card (aircel). I have activated aircel online.
Then i found a new trick in aircel to hack free gprs for unlimited number of days.
If i mention this trick here, i may be strictly punished by aircel team.
So (continue in following image).

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  1. sir i've visisted many pages from your site. please send me this trick. both external links i've visited and commented.
    pls. tell me the trick
    awaiting ur reply badly.

  2. hey friends i am looking for free internet for a long time, if there is really any trick which is really working then plz sent that trick to my Google account{} hope u will help. have a great time......!plz reply soon


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